If only Quaker Points worked at Marsh…

31 Aug


With a new year and Metz in as our new food service provider, here are some handy stats on what your Quaker Points could buy.

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Earlham in a fuckin’ nutshell…

7 May

urlum in a nutshell


This should really go front and center on every Earlham mailing. Also, #tbt to this great post, also concerning diva cups.

Lifted from EC Anonymous, plz contact me if you want this taken down.

Look at this fucking “social media” post

24 Apr


…I don’t know what to say, except just look at this fucking Earlham. The aesthetic of this post just kind of defies explanation.

Also, for fucks sake please submit some shit soon, jesus.

You can take the Earlhamites out of Earlham…

11 Mar


Pictured: Members of the London Spring ’15 study abroad crew attend the grand opening of a Domino’s in fuckin’ Amsterdam. Talk about dedication…

Thanks to Sadie for submitting! (Don’t forget to submit yr earlham-ass shit! email it to ctsmith13@earlham.edu!)

Even Domino’s deserves a little social critique now and then…

5 Mar


Sent in saying “I had a drunken liberal arts drawing tantrum on a dominos box.”

Thanks Natalie ’14 for the submission! Proving that you can be fully present anywhere.

Looks like a normal night to me…

27 Feb


Good ol’ Snapchat, saving for posterity all the things we’d like to forget…

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Shotgun o’clock!

21 Feb


Most uses keys. Some use pocket knives. Only the few, the proud, the ones in violation of campus “weapon” policy*, dare to do their shotguns with a knife such as this.

Credz to anonymous for the submission.

*Student Code of Conduct, 3.11.

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